How I turned $100 into $5,000 in just a few days

I get it. Now, you are probably thinking, “This is one of those online scams”. Well, there are so many scams out there. No doubt. But this does not mean that there are no genuine online earning platforms.

Here’s my story: I’ve been a member of Coinpayu for around 7 months. During this time, I’ve experimented with several earning platforms promoted here. Unfortunately, most of them turned out to be scams, leading to losses on my part.

At the start of this month, I came across an advertisement for a company similar to Coinpayu that pays users to watch ads, called Adswage. It piqued my interest because it functions like Coinpayu, but with a slight difference – you need to fund your account before you can start viewing ads. What sets Adswage apart is the significantly higher payment per ad view compared to Coinpayu. To give you an idea, you earn a minimum of $1 for each ad view, a sum that would take days to accumulate on Coinpayu.

I wanted to join, but I was skeptical because I didn’t know if it was genuine or a scam. The $100 minimum activation amount seemed high to me, and I wasn’t sure if I could risk that much without knowing if it was legitimate. I researched the platform and most of the online reviews suggested it was real and paying. I also checked their domain registration, which showed it would be valid for at least 10 years. You can check it by yourself by clicking here or using any other domain lookup service of your choice.

Based on this information, I became convinced that Adswage was legitimate, so I decided to give it a shot. I made a promise to myself that if it turned out to be a scam, I would expose them to prevent others from being deceived.

I joined the platform and deposited $100 worth of Bitcoin to activate my account. Upon activation, I received an additional $50 in my account. A new button appeared on my dashboard, leading to my referral link. Clicking the “view ads” button displayed an advertisement. The platform required me to view just one ad daily to earn rewards, calculated as 2.3% of my ad balance. With my initial $50 balance, my first ad payment was $1. So, the next day, my balance was $51, and within 5 days, it grew to $56. To test their payment system, I withdrew $5 and received it in my wallet within 30 minutes even though they estimated I would receive it within 24 hours. Here’s evidence of my recent withdrawal of $2500.

Having confirmed it is paying, this is what I did that turned my $100 into thousands in a few days. I introduced two more friends, both of whom registered. Within just three days, I have earned over $5000 in referral commissions. If you are good at referral marketing, Adswage has the potential to turn you into a millionaire. It’s a new platform. Many people that you will introduce to it might not have heard of it before, increasing your chances of gaining new prospects. The best part? There’s no associated risk. You and your referrals earn on the platform and can withdraw your earnings anytime without limitations.

If you are interested in this, please, use the following referral link to register; In case you need further information, you can join their discussion group on Telegram with this link;

N/B: This article doesn’t aim to compare Adswage with Coinpayu. I’ve written it for those interested in exploring similar platforms. Personally, I earn from both Coinpayu and Adswage, and you can too. There’s no need to choose between them; the goal is to earn money, and both platforms offer ample opportunities for that.