About RaviewBrave

Ever searched for a site review online?

You would have noticed that many review companies are now turning to AI.

They use automated machines to generate reviews based on some predefined variables such as website age, Alexa rank, SSL certificate, etc.

These reviews are not reliable because they are not taking into account the real world experience.

For example, a website domain might have been in existence for many years. But, might not have been hosted or used for any business.

So, if John should launch his website on the domain today, the AI reviewer would probably give the business a high rating. Not considering that the domain has not even been used for any business.

As a result, a legitimate website may receive a low rating on the grounds that it is new.

While a fraudulent website launched on an existing domain may receive high rating.

Owing to the aforementioned, such reviews are not reliable and should be taken take with a grain of salt.

At RaviewBrave, we use both automated and human evaluation to help ensure our reviews reflect the accurate nature (an HYIP or a legitimate business), state (closed, paying or not paying), and background information about the company.

We hope you find RaviewBrave a useful resource and feel free to leave any feedback below. Additionally, you can contact us if you’ve got any further queries about the site, want to submit a company for review, or for any general questions.

Thanks for reading!